New England Antiquities Research Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to a better understanding of our historic and prehistoric past through the study and preservation of New England's stone sites in their cultural context. Founded, 1964. This site is truly a remarkable resource.

America's Stonehenge - Archaeological Excavation at this site in North Salem, New Hampshire has uncovered an amazing range of historic and pre-historic artifacts-from stone tools, pottery and ancient old world scripts. This is a commercial site advertising this area.
Stone Pages - This is a Web guide to megaliths and other prehistoric sites found in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, and France. The Stone Pages website contains a wealth of information on 529 archaeological sites that were visited and photographed.
Weird NJ - Tripod Rock - Dolmens, or perched rocks, are found all over the world. This site discusses their possible origins, and specifically targets a location in New Jersey called Tripod rock.

Megalithia - Megalithia is the land of ancient stones. It is also the British Isles, with hundreds of megalithic monuments preserved all to enjoy. The author of this site has a very nice collection of pictures and information concerning the stonesites of Great Britain



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