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In the town of Foxboro, Massachusetts, there is a region of approximately 1027 acres of undeveloped forestland known as the Foxboro State Forest. For years, many people have used the rugged trails in these woods for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and for simply viewing the unique characteristics of its scenic New England landscape. However, off the beaten trails and away from the old dirt roads, those that have "bush-whacked" their way across this terrain have discovered many unique man-made stone structures that clearly give evidence of cultures from another time period. Cultures that predate the town's incorporation date of 1778 by possibly thousands of years. Guesses as to the origins of these structures have ranged from the local Algonquin Indian culture, to Celtic travelers predating Columbus, to even prehistoric tribal cultures having a strong knowledge of solar and seasonal calendars.

The State forest area is one of the highest points of land between Boston and Providence, and is currently referred to by locals as High Rock. This "high place" characteristic, combined with the types of stone structures found in this forest, indicates that this region could very well have been considered a "sacred place" in the past, and that it was a regular destination for ceremonial purposes, spiritual cleansing and prayer.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE is to record and display data pertaining to the unique stone structures in the Foxboro State Forest, so the general public will be aware of their existence. This information will allow others to visit, speculate and form personal conclusions concerning who built them, why they were built, and when they might have been created. It is also a great hope that the information collected here will spark an interest in the archeological community, resulting in a true scientific study to determine their origins.

The most significant section of this website is its Forest Site Map. This page displays a Foxboro State Forest trail map indicating all the recorded stone sites marked for viewing. When a particular site is selected, a picture of the site is shown, along with its physical description, location description, and GPS coordinate reading.

WARNING: All sites recorded on this website are located by GPS coordinates, which indicates they may be visited. If you do decide to view these sites in person, please treat them with the respect they deserve. Do not replace or change the position of any of their stones. Do not climb on them, or deface them in any way. Many of these structures are very fragile and should not be touched at all. Please ... VISIT AND ENJOY, BUT DO NOT DESTROY.


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